Kagawa Gastro Tours

A courseKagawa Gastro Tours
Udon Beginner's Plan

  • Udon Restaurant
  • Udon taxi driver will guide you to Kotohira.

Departure Date:2020.01.10~2020.12.31

※Sales will start 3 months before departure.

A Two-Day Tour to Fully Experience Kagawa, the Udon Country
This two-day tour introduces you to Kagawa and its famous local dish, Sanuki udon. First, the English-speaking driver of Udon Taxi will take you from Takamatsu Airport to UDON HOUSE to taste udon noodles and learn udon making. You'll be tasting sake at Kinryo Sake, then visit Kotohira Shrine.
The Udon Taxi driver will also take visitors to some of the area's legendary udon restaurants, a hidden gem only known to the locals.

Adult 57,800yen (person)  ※Same amount for children

Meeting Point

Please specify one of the following locations. A guide driver will greet you.
(Pickup time: 11:00am each)

Takamatsu Station Takamatsu Airport Sakaide Station Utazu Station KOTOHIRA TRIP BASE Kotori
※Pick-up at Takamatsu, Sakaide, Utazu and Kotohira hotels is also possible.



Lunch: Pay by yourself / Dinner: Udon [by Udon House]
Breakfast: Udon / Lunch: Pay by yourself.


Ride the Udon Taxi around various UDON restaurants(11:00am dep./ 120min.)=UDON HOUSE[1:00pm-7:00pm]
※Accommodations: UDON HOUSE

★Udon Master Class
Udon Master Class: Part 1
(Introductions/Udon basics/Kneading technique)
Udon Master Class: Part 2
(Dashi -traditional soup stock/Umami experience)
Udon Master Class: Part 3
Farm Tour
Udon Master Class: Part 4
(Dough rolling technique/Dough cutting technique)
Udon Master Class: Part 5
(Noodle boiling technique/Udon dinner/Udon topping and style variation experimentation)

Start the day with diverse and delicious Udon at local-favorite Udon restaurants(7:30am dep.)…UDON HOUSE(10:00am dep.)= KOTOHIRA TRIP BASE Kotori(11:00am arr.)…Stroll through sake breweries and the streets of Kotohira with a driver guide…Visit Konpira-san & Free Time…KOTOHIRA TRIP BASE Kotori(2:00pm dep.)= Kamada Soy Sauce(2:30pm-3:00pm)= Send to Kotohira / Sakaide / Utazu Station / Hotel and other designated locations (3: 30pm-4: 00pm)

Tour attendant

A tour attendant will not be present.
Udon taxi drivers and UDON HOUSE staff will guide you.

Minimum participants required

2 person

Included in price

Udon Taxi, Udon House(Udon master class *including Udon dinner, Farm Tour, Udon Breakfast Tour, 1 night lodging), Kotori: welcome drink, Keep the baggage, Map.

Welcome drink & baggage storage service & original map at Kotori.

Not included in price

The udon fee at the udon restaurant that is guided by the udon taxi will be paid by yourself..

  • Please apply for this plan with 2 or more people.
  • Accommodations of UDON HOUSE are shared rooms(dormitories type) for men and women in principle.